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Macross Valkyrie Vf-1a Transformable


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Macross Tribute
VF-1 Valkyrie is a Mecha vehicle designed for the anime television series "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross", broadcast for the first time in 1982. The vehicle also appears in the 1985 Robotech series.

It was developed by using alien technology obtained from the SDF-1 Macross alien spaceship and Its distinctive trait is the ability to transform into three different configurations: Fighter mode, Gerwalk mode and Battroid mode.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the vf-1 is an iconic vehicle in the Macross universe, like the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars universe.

There is a large number of fans of this anime and an official LEGO set dedicated to Macross would be an incredible gift.
Many of them have already uploaded their projects to LEGO Ideas, such as the vf-1a in fighet mode (9 months ago), and one full transformable, uploaded 2 months ago. Obviously i support both and i hope my project also makes many fans happy!

The Project
There are several variants of the valkyrie (VF-1A, VF-1D, VF-1J, VF-1S), featuring different head designs and vehicle colors. I decided to make my own lego version based on the VF-1A.
The goal of the set is to create a minifigure scale vehicle that can be transformed in the three modes.
In order to do so while remaining aesthetically faithful to the original, i had to give up some leg mobility, also considering its length and weight.

To perform the various transformations, many components are designed to assume different configurations. For example, the hands slide outwards. The feet lock in 3 different positions depending on the mode.

Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of building a Valkyrie VF-1 made of Lego. If you enjoy my project, please support it to see it come to life as a LEGO official set!

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