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Seasons Allotment

It is actually one allotment shed shown in all 4 seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.
It is a journey through those seasons shown by the gate on the right-hand boundary, where the 'gardener' walks from one 'season to another' by passing through the gate. (Passing through time).

I built it because I love the way in which any scene is always affected by weather and seasons. Even the tone of the wood panels of the shed varies a bit between each season - warmer tones in summer and cooler in the winter, amongst the more obvious changes of vegetable growth and leaf scattering etc.
I am a gardener by trade, so I feel personally connected to anything to do with caring for plants and watching things grow. Of course, LEGO models grow too as you build them!

It would, I believe, make a great LEGO set because of that journey I mentioned and the surprises when looking inside each shed. For example, in winter, the gardener has stored some Christmas presents ready for Christmas day. He has been able to wrap them away from the prying eyes of the children! The little animals and birds that also change on the 4 models, it adds a little bit more character and enjoyment and of course, can be moved around and posed in different places.

I have also tried to create something a bit different from any other set I have seen, although, there is always some overlap of themes with previously released sets.

I hope this theme will encourage young and old, alike, to explore gardening possibilities and enjoy the fresh air.
I have simply used the LEGO that I have available to me and see my submission as a starting point for the LEGO team to develop as they wish.

Happy gardening and LEGO building! :-)

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