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Day at the Farm

Who doesn't love a family day at the farm? Especially in the fall! Growing up, I always loved going to the local apple orchard to pick apples with my family, and go on hay rides. Now that I have a family of my own, we all enjoy a lot of the same things. We love to pick apples, pumpkins, enjoy caramel apples and hot chocolate, and all the fun things to do at a farm during the fall!

My project is dedicated to that. It features Annie's farm. A cozy, old farm where families can stroll through the old pumpkin patch to pick their favorite pumpkin, or climb a ladder to pick some delicious apples right from the tree! The old couple that own the farm take turns running the caramel apple and hot cocoa stand, and they also drive the old pickup truck to take families on hay rides around the farm. There's a couple baskets for families to fill with their picks of the day. There's even a couple animals that have made their home at the farm!

The farm definitely shows its age; the paths that visitors have walked have turned a dark green, and the wooden fence has started to break down over time. But the grassy hills and warm, Autumn colors of the leaves sure offer a cozy scene for the families taking a day trip to Annie's farm!

I think this would make a great Lego set, as it's small and easy to display, while packing a lot of detail and charm into it. It has 5 minifigures consisting of: 2 parents and their daughter, and the 2 farm owners.

Thank you so much for taking the time look at my project, and I hope you will consider supporting it!

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