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Steamtrains, BR 41


Hello Lego Friends

if you are concerned with the history of German steam locomotives, you will not only find the fast speed locomotive BR 01 or heavy duty train BR 52 but also automatically discover the BR 41.
The BR 41 with the wheel setup 1-D-1 was designed for both applications e.g. fast speed as well as the heavy duty train transport.

This model is also electrically driven with two drive motors located in the tender and is controlled with the LEGO Power Funktion System. LED`s are installed in front and backside which can be switched ON/OFF.

The dimension of the model is nearly in the scale 1:40/45. The base frame as well as the vessel is designed in the width of six (6) pins/nep. The drivers cab and the tender both are designed in the width of seven (7) pins/nep.

I hope you like this model and wish me your support, remains

with the best regards - Bernhard

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