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Yuru Camp / Laid-Back Camp: Camping With Everyone

The stunning atmospheres created by Yuru Camp make me want to fetch all of my friends and go camping. However, given that I don't have that many friends and also no camping equipment and I don't really want to camp since it's probably quite a hassle, it is far easier and more comfortable to 'camp' at home on one's desk. 

And that's where this comes in! Packed with three tents and plenty of camping equipment this camp site tries to capture some of Yuru Camp's atmosphere and brings the characters together on a camping trip where ever you want. 

The two larger tents contain a total of five sleeping bags, access to which is easy through the removable roofs while Chikuwa's small tent allows him to camp with everyone even if it gets colder. 

The camping equipment includes such things as chairs, a table, a portable bbq, a stove and Nadeshiko's lamp among other things. For starting a fire some pine cones are also included, but what heartless creature would actually burn them? 

The minifigures included are Ena, Rin, Nadeshiko, Aoi and Chiaki, however I'm honestly not that great at digitally making minifigures, so these are unfortunately not quite perfect representations of the respective characters. 

Camping is probably great, I've only done it once and it was cold and uncomfortable, but I think that's mainly due to being woefully unprepared. While for me proctastination bars the path to further real life camping, I think this build fills that void quite nicely.

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