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The Medieval Cottage

Hey Everyone! DanTheLegoMan Here!

Today I am presenting you with the Medieval Cottage.

This Project consists of 1 miniifigure, 3 figures ( a cow and 2 chickens), and 603 pieces.

Details: The exterior features many windows, a brick-built door, and a chimney. The interior features a small kitchen, a bed, the fire place with couch and a carpet.

I think Lego should bring back the castle and kingdom sets. This I feel, would make a great display set and a play set for children.

Tell me what you think in the comments, support my projects, and follow us. I really appreciate the support. Can we get my Nintendo Consoles project to 1,000 supports in 250 days? 

This Project was built by DanTheLegoMan.
This Project was rendered by my friend R2rules.
Thanks for the support, and keep on building!

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