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Medieval Hero and Princess

These are some articulated figurines of a medieval hero and a princess. Due to my love for RPGs, I had to make something with the medieval theme since it had been popularized due to the medieval blacksmith, but what? After thinking about my next project, I thought it may be interesting if I made a larger scale figure of a knight, and eventually, that thought evolved into me making a model of a Hero character, and eventually a princess it accompanies him. They both do not have a name, nor are they from any sort of media, so it is up to you to decide their background, name, and future. Maybe someday, you’ll be able to form an alliance with them and potentially build an army.  This set would fit right in with your action figures or character statues for anyone who likes collecting that sort of stuff and is also great for kids to have fun adventures with. The characters are very posable and don’t have any parts that may fall off easily. Thank you so much for reading, please consider supporting!

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