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Polish bus: Jelcz PR110U

Jelcz PR110U is a Polish city bus. Bus was produced in the years 1975-1992 in the factory Jelcz in Jelcz, Poland. This model is an upgrade license French Berliet PR100 bus. Designed for public transport. Bus got out of the car headlights Fiat 125p.
The bus is a motor SW680/56/3 WS Mielec manufactured by PZL Mielec label under license from British company Leyland Motors. The power unit was latched with a 4-speed manual gearbox S4-95 production companies FPS Tczew in Tczew.
The original bus is 12 meters long and weighs 17280 kg.

My bus Jelcz PR110U has opened the doors and the front axle torsional. Bus is 48 centimeters in length.

This is the back of the bus. Above the rear bumper is a license plate.
On both sides of the bus's turn signals.

It has 36 seats and the driver's cab. In the bus is 11 passengers. Of course, there is a bus driver. Inside the bus are validating machines for tickets.

The bus has an open door. Bus has dual wheels on the rear axle.

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