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The World's ACE Contest

Welcome to the World's ACE Contest! This is a competition between the world's top pilots and their air-crafts. Competitors bring their newest innovations, technology, and flight skills with them and show them to the world here. They will go through air racing and aerobatic show phases, catch the audiences heart, and win the biggest prize.
The set contains four different jet airplanes and their pilots. Bob and his Black-bird, Alex and his Blue-whale, Catherine and her Purple-lightning, Feng and his Yellow-star. The other accessories are one airplane ride, one flight simulator, one snack vendor, and one entrance arch, which makes this set playful.
The cute contour and bright color of these airplanes not only attract boys attentions but also catch girls eyes. And this set also makes itself more playful by compatible with other Lego sets. Children may play it with Lego ice-cream truck, Lego fire truck, Lego fuel truck, Lego airport set, and much more.
Further more, this set inspires children to image flying in the sky and learn principles of flight. The set also encourages children to design and build their very own aircraft by using these parts and elements. By using the Lego technical panels as wings, I believe this set will open up a new door of building Lego airplanes. There are definitely some other air-crafts can be built by using the bricks of the four. 
At last, please enjoy the pictures. And if you like it, please help me make it real. Vote it and share it to your friends please. Thank you!

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