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Lego ZOO (entrance)

This is the entrance to Lego ZOO.

In one of the pictures below you can see a glimps the official idea! A collectable ZOO.
Every animal needs and has its own enclosure.

This is the entrance to the ZOO.
With ticket-sales-point. And park guards!
It counts 161 bricks

The ZOO is build high so the visitors can look down on the animals. And off course so that the animals can't escape!
The entrance is build with the big ramps so that its easy for everyone to enter the unbelieveable experiance of Lego ZOO!

Here you see the idea. In this case I added the monkey-enclosure onto the Entrance.
I'll post the Monkey-enclosure later on

The gate to the ZOO. Of course guarded by two ticket controllers.

Here you see the register to purchase tickets.

And the over-all view from a slightly different angle.
Here you can really see that the entrance is going upwards to create the height we need in the park.

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