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Small Fishing Boat, Large Scale

This rather small fishing boat was where my family spent our vacations for several years, and we have lots of fond memories of her. We added lots of gadgets and meters through the years, we even had a thermometer measuring the exhaust just for the fun of it. My dad also loves woodwork and made the table legs out of birch trunks. The engine was a one cylinder hot bulb, which needed to be heated by a torch for 10 to 15 minutes before it could start. Yes, that is our engine you hear on the video clip. The model is packed with details. The anchor can be stored under the trap door in the bow. Part of the roof detaches for a better look inside. In the box at the stern, you will see the propane tank for the torch and a gasoline generator. But the batteries could also be charged from the solar panel on the roof. If the solar panel was hard to reach from the deck, you could use the ladder to climb up on the roof.

The fishing boat measures...
  • 45 cm / 18 in long
  • 13 cm / 5 in wide
  • 40 cm / 16 in tall
  • 1750 parts

The brick built water and the rubber dinghy is not included in the measurements or the parts count.

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