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Classic LEGO Chess Game


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LEGO Classic Chess Game (with storage space).

Thank you for checking out my design! I know, there are a lot of Chess Game Designs but I wanted to design a more playable classic Chess board in proportion and with a space to keep the pieces.

Some details:

  • Total pieces: 1198 
  • Used colors: light grey, dark grey, white and black.
  • The playing field is connected with a minimum of knobs to make it easy to take of the field to get the pieces at the start of the game. 
  • The playing field can be used separately for a game of Chess on a flat surface. The box can be used to store lost pieces.
  • The doors can be used by each player to store lost pieces trough the game when it's completely build up.
  • Bevels at the inside bottom to make it easier to grab a piece.
  • Strong bottom construction of the playing field
  • Mosaic details on the base and playing board.

If you like Chess and LEGO, please vote for this design! I like chess and would love to see a set like this become reality. If you have feedback on the design or used technique's, please let me know. I'll try to update and improve the design if possible. I don not have all the bricks myself but if you would like to give this build a try, please let me know and I'll be happy to send the guide and would like to have some pictures of the result in return. 

Help me to spread the word and feel free to share! Thx!

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