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Treasure Hunters


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Adventure is just around the corner with the Lego Treasure Hunters!

Inspired by Indiana Jones & Minecraft, here is a set designed to be more than what it seems...

Hidden compartments store your own treasures within this Lego vignette, with Goblins hidden amongst the tombs to protect what is yours.

12 x 12 studs Wide and 13 bricks high, this small yet detailed set features a slot in the top for coins and 3 slide out compartments in the rear for storage. Included is 5 minifigs, 2 of them mini-style goblin creatures, hidden within the tombs. Trees and rocks feature on the top as well as a string so our intrepid adventurous can climb down.

Approximately 585 pcs make up this set.

Thanks for looking, check out my other designs if you like this one.


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