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Luxury Sudoku

What is it?
It is the luxury edition of the classical SUDOKU game, based on colors. For this luxury edition you get  the parts to build the SUDOKU board and the parts to build the box for transport.

Why did you build it?
Because I want to continue to develop the new sets in LEGO collection : LEGO games. Also can be a beautiful set for the collectors. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
- Because the colorful parts can be arranged in a lot of different ways (from simple levels to difficult levels);
- Easy to build, and easy to transport;
- Can be played by anyone,anytime, anywhere, from children (+5 years), to adults;
- Can be played in 2 or more people (one, or more people are making the level and one, or more people are doing the level). It will develop the way to think and the team work; 
- Can be used as a collectible item.

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