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Mountain Rescue jeep - GOPR


This is a off road vehicle which is used by Polish voluntary mountain emergency service - GOPR (Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe). It is build by the old LEGO techniques. It means the car is 4 stud wide. In the jeep can be fitted a minifigure and the trunk can be used to store a backpack, rope or anything else. The vehicle has a simple suspension which makes it look authentic. On the roof is an imitation of extra trunk.
I also prepared this jeep in colours of TOPR - emergency service in Tatra mountains.
This model can be a thank-you for all the personel of this services. This is a really hard job which is worth appreciation.
I belive it can reach 10 000 suporters becouse it's a small, simple LEGO model which can be used for playing or standing on a shelf and look good.

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