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Escape from Hoth


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Completely playable, using approximately 1,000 bricks, the GR-75 transport.


  • Lifting handle
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Accessible cockpit with room for 3+ mini figs
  • Over 35 removable cargo containers for loads of play

Approximate Dimensions (with landing gear in down position)

in = 18" x 8" x 7"    cm = 46 x 20 x 18

You can see a rotating view as well as working features below

The battle on Hoth was one of the most iconic moments in the original trilogy. Lego has produced several amazing sets featuring scenes from this battle. Snow speeders, AT AT's, Wampa caves, the Echo base and this year we finally got an Ion Cannon and the elusive Shield Generator. The only thing still missing from my Hoth collection was the GR-75 transport. How else can the Rebel Alliance escape in order to regroup and defeat the Empire? 

I set out to fill this void in my collection and believe to have come up with a viable representation of this awesome vessel. With it's modest brick count and lots of playable features it could stand alone as a set or add to any collection. Please take a moment to support this idea, like, review, and share with your friends so that maybe Lego will choose to produce this set and offer it to all of you.





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