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Dr Who v's the Dalek

Following Lego’s decision to allow Dr Who submissions once more I thought I would add my set to the fast growing number being loaded here. And while I hope that mine resonates with the Cuusoo crowd I just hope one of the worthy Dr Who offerings makes it to 10,000 votes in quick time.

The set I am presenting shows the 10th Dr and his main companions Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith facing off with a Red Dalek while standing in front of the Tardis.

All the figures created have been done so using existing printed Lego parts and only the cloth coats on the Dr and Jack are custom elements. Jack is holding a pistol and the Dr a sonic screwdriver.

Custom stickers were needed for the outside of the Tardis but all 162 parts used are 100% Lego. Likewise the Red Dalek who is made up of 27 parts.

The scenery is representative of a battle scene with the Dalek. The wall is battle damaged and the ground broken up a bit. The lamppost is a 15 peice brick built offering that serves to add a little detail but also perspective with the height of the Tardis model.

In the future it might be nice to enhance the wall and include a 'Bad Wolf' tag somewhere.

I hope people like this offering and please vote if you do, thanks :)

The Tardis element of the model opens up on roof hinges and there is room inside for one figure. Within the Tardis we have a small console, phone, sonic screwdriver holder and three ‘random’ levers as well as a nod to more classic Tardis’ with the unfathomable bubbles on the underside of the roof.

It is of course possible to use other incarnations of the Dr and as an alternative I have included a shot of the 11th Dr and Clara Oswald. As with other figures they are made using existing printed Lego parts and only the cloth element of Clara’s skirt are custom.

It may be the only Tardis to not be larger on the inside but until transdimentional Lego comes along it will have to do.

As the Dr has lots of incarnations and many companions there are a lot to choose from (and I am just sticking to the post 2005 world). Here we can see all the Dr's to date and all the main companions to select from. And in addition to the Dalek the Master is hiding away next to the Tardis, cleary up to no good.

All the figures are made using standard printed Lego parts (cloth elements aside). Here we can select from Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler and the 9th and 10th Dr on the left and on the right the 11th Dr, the War Doctor, Clara (in red) River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and Donna Noble

My personal choice would be the figures in my main image but everyone has their favourites and it would be nice to give people the choice in any final set.

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