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Return of the Space Police

After laying dormant for 27 years, the mysterious intergalactic criminal organisation known as Blacktron has made a return, with a dastardly plan which involves a stolen satellite, some dangerous materials and lots of lasers! With time running out, it's up to the Space Police to hop back into action with their updated technology and stop them before it's too late.
This set includes a Space Police car, Space Police van, Blacktron ship, stolen satellite and 8 minifigures: the Space Police Captain (with the angled helmet), Space Police officer (with the heavy armour), Space Police technician (with the green police uniform), Blacktron leader (with the dark green jumpsuit), Elite Blacktron soldier (with black jumpsuit and chinstrap), two Blacktron soldiers (with rocket packs and handy silver tools) and a classic style astronaut in purple for the very first time.
This set would be a great way for LEGO to reconnect with its popular, successful themes of old with its current inventory of sleeker, more expressive pieces. This set works great for display and play, and will fit well alongside any space collection, great or small. The unique minifigures and variety of silver parts will surely add to the collectability of this set, while the respectfully included play features such as stud shooters will light up the imagination of any child.
This is Space Police as you've never seen it before.

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