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No. 18000


On October 6th, I built this model in honor of Gas Turbine locomotive No. 18000. Today, I am finally posting to LEGO IDEAS for everyone to see! This recreation of one of Great Britain's famous locomotives is 513 pieces. Inside are some controls on both ends of the cabs and some work equipment. Here is some history of the locomotive: The Great Western Railway (G.W.R) ordered a Gas Turbine locomotive from a man named Brown Boveri who lived in Switzerland. It was brought to the BR Western Region in 1949. WR used 18000 intermittently ​on premier express trains between London, Bristol and the southwest until 1960. It was exhibited in Willesden in 1994, 45 years after it was brought to the BR Western Region. The beautiful locomotive can still be seen to this day. It will be a wonderful set that all train fans will want! (11/8/2016)

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