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LEGO City Football Training Center

While we all love the games our sports teams play, before they can play they’ve first gotta train! The LEGO City Football Club trains hard at their dedicated training center. After a hard day's work outdoors on the practice field, the team can use the facility’s locker room, equipment room, showers, medical trainer, and gym to stay fit and ready to play. The team owner gets to watch his team practice from the comfort of his on-site office. Also, while there’s a strict no-donut policy for the players, it seems someone has stolen the owner’s donuts!

This MOC was built as a 32x32 (without the field) set that can be swung open to reveal the interior. It can be used as a modular set both open (16x64) or closed (32x32). The flower-petal gears in the camera stand can be used to make sure the cameraman is always facing the action. However, you use the set wherever the action is happening!

The set includes 8 minifigures and contains 2400 pieces.

Train hard and play well!

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