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Ice Cream Truck


If you would like to see more details about this creation, then you can check out the funny stop motion animation that I've made about it: 

This ice cream truck is inspired from food trucks that can be seen around the Washington DC area, where people like to get their food from in their breaks.

The truck/van uses three main colors: white, magenta and medium azure; other colors, such as tan, being used less or for smaller details ( like the ice cream cone ).

When taking a closer look, we can see the following details and features:

  • two loudspeakers, for announcing the van's arrival in town;
  • the iconic ice cream cone, which sets the vehicle apart from other ones;
  • a cooling unit on the roof, for preserving the sweets inside the truck;
  • movable sideview mirrors;
  • a panel on one of the sides, which can be opened in order to serve the customers ( and that can act also as an awning );
  • a menu with the different types of ice cream;
  • front and back lights;
  • lots of details inside, such as: sweets placed on shelves, white cups and tan ice cream cones, a cash register and a small refrigerator.


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