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Skeletron Monster Truck Rally

Welcome all monster truck fans! Come see the Skeletron in all its awesomeness! I think this would make a great Lego set because it is sturdy, fun to build, and awesome as a display piece... not to mention great to play with! Kids of all ages will love the thrill of constructing different jumps and obstacles for this beast. The truck is built to resemble a skeleton monster of some sort. The bone pieces under the body are made to look like ribs, and the whole front looks kind of like a skull. The golden chicken hood ornament adds a fun touch, as well as the flames. Inside the monster truck we have the driver's seat and two passenger seats. Up front there are several dials, a lever, and of course the steering wheel. The crushed cars and the trophy stand help reenact epic monster truck rally scenes. This build comes with four characters: the monster truck driver, who has a helmet and hair, the announcer with his megaphone, a man enjoying a chicken wing while watching the show, and a little boy (possibly the man's son) with a toy dragon. Please support and share with your friends! Have a great day!

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