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Lego games skeleton hunt.


Lets bring Lego games back to life with Lego games on Lego ideas. This game is called "Lego games skeleton hunt". To play first build the world so you,your family or/and your friends can play. Then roll both dices. If both dices are too big for your one of your hands put one dice in one hand and the other dice in your other hand. If you roll the skeleton body put one skeleton piece on your board. If you get the police badge put one skeleton piece away. If you get the ship your player can jump over the moat at any time. If you get the blue put your player in the moat and miss a turn. If you get the white its the next players turn. If you get any whites and reds its ether 3 2 or 1 it depends on how many spaces are covered by red. To win you put all the pieces of your skeleton together and get your player to your skeleton.

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