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The Rocket Power Shore Shack

Woogity-Woogity! The Rocket Power Shore Shack is back! I loved watching this series as a kid, and the 'do you want to go to the seaside' contest reminded me of the show.

Everyone remembers the gang skating, surfing and playing street hockey. All the friends are in: Otto, Sam 'squid', Reggie and Twister. Of course Raymundo and Tito are in as well.
This would make a great set for its playability and diverse options. Go to mad town for some skating, get down to the beach to catch some waves, or get your 'zine printed to show to your friends on the pier. When the day is done, get a burger from uncle Tito.

I've tried my best with this MOC up, it's not perfect yet. But then again, to "quote" uncle Tito: 'It's like the old Hawaiians used to say: the best LEGO builder is the one having the most fun:)'.

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