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Gemini 4 Spacewalk set


Presenting the Lego Ideas Gemini 4 set! Now you can re-enact Ed White's historic EVA with his copilot James McDivitt. This Lego Gemini spacecraft fits both astronauts and features a detailed cockpit and a display stand. The model can either be swooshed around and played with or displayed on the shelf (either closed or during EVA). 

Builder's notes:

  • I've painted the two cone half pieces as these are currently unavailable in black.
  • I would prefer a longer piece of pneumatic tubing for the EVA lifeline than the one shown.
  • Some stickers are needed:

                Internal: Cockpit sticker

                External: "UNITED STATES", the American flag and viewports


Thank you for checking out my design! If you have any questions or ideas please let me know in the comments section.