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Abbey Road Studios (EMI Recording Studios)

Abbey Road Studios (formerly EMI Recording Studios) is a recording studio at 3 Abbey Road, London, England. Many people recorded their music here. It's a quite famous recording studio.
I started to build my MOC when I was 16. And it took me a lot of effort. I didn't have much time and money for a period of time. But now I'm 18, and I finally finished it and am now posting it here on LEGO Ideas, though it may not be that impressive compared to other people's masterpieces. I'm really proud of it, haha.
I actually measured the scale and searched for lots of pictures because I want it to be accurate. My favorite part is the staircase. It is SO good and I love it. The staircase really took me some time. Then the elevator part, I think it's quite empty there, so I added an elevator. I also built Studio 2, which is the most famous studio in Abbey Road Studios.
Thank you for reading! And maybe you can share!
I also made videos introducing my MOC. Take a look.

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