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The Skull's Eye Schooner

About the Model: Ahoy matey! Welcome to the Skull's Eye Schooner! This ship may be small, but it has everything that a pirate needs to rob an unsuspecting Governor Broadside, or any other foolish Imperials who dare to cross the Seven Seas. The ship comes with two pirates, a parrot, a canon, a chest full of stolen loot, and several other weapons and such. 

Why I Built it: I've never really built a pirate ship before, but after I finished it, I thought it looked good enough to put on here. 

Why it would make a Great Lego Set: It would make a great Lego set because of all of the cool details. I ended up building the hull sideways and then merging into regular style, which was not easy! Also, it has a rudder and a small anchor. 

If you would like to add this schooner to your fleet, then hit that support button!

Yours truly,
Red Spaceman

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