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Dystopian Rover

It is a Dystopian Vehicle with space tor two minifigures. A driver and someone who sits there and watches over everything. I will start with the back. There is a flag (which can be whatever you want it to be). Movable engines from the Vulture Lego set from Spiderman Homecoming with some modifications. The first seat with two turrets. Then the driver with a unique controlling mechanism. Then the front, complete with spikes, guns, and cannons. The wheels are improvised and can be changed but the wheels as they are run very smoothly. With spikes and pieces attached as hubcaps. I built it as inspiration from Lego Movie 2's dystopian "battle cars." I think it is really cool and with other submitted ideas you could make a whole dystopian genre of Lego, like Star Wars or Lego City.

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