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Lamborghini Countach LP400


The Perfect Poster Car

The original Lamborghini Countach design is a pure work of art. Marcello Gandini created an iconic and timeless wedge-shape, that may not be the most aerodynamic, practical or super fast. But it certainly made it a perfect poster car for boys of all ages including myself. The Countach defined modern supercar as we know it today and this is my tribute to it.

About the Model

The LP400 was the first production model with nice clean lines without the later added wing and wider bodywork. I decided to choose the red color with white interior. The model is 10 studs wide which makes it reasonably small but still very detailed. The parts that inspired me to build it in this scale are the yellow Technic wheels and also the new windshield which looks like it was made just for it. This scale works perfectly as a display model on my working table and it could look great on your table too! 

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