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The Grand Piano


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The piano (shortening of «pianoforte», a word that in Italian is composed of the words «piano»,  «soft», and «forte», «strong») is a harmonic musical instrument classified as a keyboard and  stringed instrument. Based on the great pianos of other times, this is a piano with personality and mobility, since we can lift the keyboard lid and also the main lid.

It offers three possibilities, the first is the closed piano, the second is the option to lift the keyboard but not the lid, and the third to open all the piano covers. I decided to do it on a scale larger than the minifigures to generate a greater visual impact  of the detail on the piano.  I love pianos even if I don´t know how to play it (it's a pending issue in my life) They seem rough and with an unbeatable sound, beautiful and with presence on other instruments for its  grandeur.I think it is a piece of collecting to have in the living room of home, enjoy their movements and see that it is not a simple rigid element. 

Imagine when the visits came to your house, now they can say that the piano is cool,  it could be a great set like the Ship in a Bottle. Decorative elements but with some movement.

The set contains the Piano, the piano base, the stool and the score (or music book).
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy designing it,
Thank you very much for your support.

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