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Fez Game Village

Polytron's Indie Game Fez was my favorite game of 2012. Because the levels in the game remind me so much of Lego bricks it seemed only proper to recreate the first level out of Lego.

My objective when building this model was to duplicate the board brick for brick. I spent many hours watching a play through video of the first board as I built the model from the ground up.

1. It floats on transparent bricks
2. Grass along the side of the building
3. Two floating islands
4. Has a mailbox at the top and bottom
5. Spinning windmill
6. Treasure Chest
7. Two Trees
8. Water Tower
9. Every Building Represented
10. Solid Base

Why I submitted this model to Cuusoo:
When I built this model I posted it on reddit and the Fez Homepage. I then put it on the shelf for display. Over the next few days I discovered it was featured on the Fez homepage, MTV's blog, and Indie Game the Movie's website. After many requests for the model from comments on those sites I added it to Cuusoo. Thanks to everyone who have enjoyed it and asked for it as a model. Hopefully it will get the 10,000 supporters needed for Lego to review it. My flickr image of the model has over 8,000 views so there certainly a possibility of this happening.

I think video game Lego models are in short supply. What makes Fez a great candidate for a Lego model is that is a non-violent game that appeals to all age ranges.

Lets take a little tour of the model:

Here are the 4 sides of the model. You can see an animated spin of the model here:
spinning model

I have mockups of the characters here:

It includes 7 of the characters from the game including Gomez. You can see them together with the model here:

Here is a closeup with Gomez and the mysterious Eyepatch explorer:

In the final model, I would have the faces printed on transparent stickers that would be affixed to the white blocks. In my mockups I have printed the faces on white paper and used double sided-tape to attach them.

The top:

I hadn't initially included the cube at the top. My youngest daughter asked me where it was so I added it for her. The cube is sitting on a stack of transparent 1x1 bricks turned upside down sitting in an indent on the top of the model.

I have included the mailbox, the pneumatic tube and a color appropriate door on the building. I attempted as best as I could to add some detail to the building to match the building in the game. Because of the small size of the building, the detail is minimal but I think I did it justice.

The Floating Treasure Chest:

I am using axle bricks to lock the island in place The bricks were yellow, so I had to carefully design the islands to have them hidden one block inside the island. If this were to become an official kit, this should be redone with a tan axle brick. That would be a much simpler design.

The Windmill.

The arms of the windmill are a spinning helicopter brick I had from my youth (probably 30 years old). The hole at the center of the brick is too large for a standard Technic axle. I ended up using Technic Axle 3 with stud to keep it in place. I imagine there is a modern brick that works better with Technic.

The Water Tower

The tower extends out from the main island just like in the game. It is held rigidly in place using Technic bricks. Inside of the water tower, an axel goes into a normal 1x1 brick.

The Large Floating Island

This island includes the house and the tree. I had to play the game to see all 4 sides of the island. This was particularly difficult because the coloring of the bricks in the game give a false impression of the shape of the island. I got it eventually though :)

I added this island when the model was almost complete causing a rebuild of the center section of the model. The problem with this island is that it is heavy causing the Techic axle holding it in place to bend slightly. I was able to get the island to float horizontally by forcing the the axle to angle up slightly when the island is not attached.

How the axle is angled:
In the center of the model the axle runs the length of the interior butting up to the far wall (not into it). I then have a 1x4 thin brick over the top space of the axle’s space forcing the axle down slightly. This was slight enough to not affect the integrity of the building but yet give the axle a slight angle so the island would bend into position when attached.

Main Level

The main level is covered with light green tiles to give a nice polished look. I used thin light green pieces along one edge where the grass hung over the edge in the game's level. The top 2 layers of the model floor were individually built from a variety of thin tan bricks into one “piece” so that they would be structurally sound.

Lower Level

I chose to use one tan color for the entire lower section. I preferred to think of the darker brown areas being that color due to shadow. The door/exit of the level is open in my model to give it more realism/depth. The interior is built with black bricks to enhance the effect of a dark interior.

The Base

The model sits on a series of transparent 1x2x2 window wall element bricks. I initially built it on transparent 1x2 bricks but it didn't give the illusion of the model floating. I was much happier when I switched to the 1x2x2 window wall element bricks.

The base itself is a sturdy black base angled on the sides with tiles on top. The interior of the base is solid. This is a requirement because as you build the model you will find yourself pressing it down to make sure the blocks are firmly locked together. I originally didn't have it solid, and it started to sag as I built the model.

Final Observations

House height
When the roof of a house is at the same level as a platform/deck, I ensure it was this way in the model.

Both trees are surprisingly sturdy. They don't sag or fall apart easily.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of the Fez model. Many other boards in the game would look equally good in Lego. If this model is successful I will build follow up levels.


Sean / 3rdFoundation

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