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Bob The Builder's Work In Progress


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This is my Lego version of Bob The Builder building a house with Wendy, his cat, Scoop and Dizzy.
the idea of the set is that they are only half way through making the house. The pile of bricks on the side represents that you can finish it, like the Bob the builder catchphrase suggests can we build it, yes we can.
I think that the Lego minifigures (Bob and Wendy) would look a lot more cool if LEGO made them with enlarged heads like the Powerpuff girls sets (41288 and 41287) because they are iconic for having them but i was unable to do it myself.
(as i dont have the access to the files and browsers as my dad wont let me plus i have limited screen time)

Bob the Builder  is a cartooned general contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and now Fixham Harbour. He  is famous for being a animationed cartoon which ALL kids loved. 
i tryed to add the best of pictures so that you can see all the angles!!
i really hope this can "garner" enough votes and attention to make it the long distance to 10K

thanks for reading and very hopefully supporting, also be sure to check out my other creations,

  -BENGALSLEGOMASTER aged at 15 years old 

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