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Hyrule Castle (Age of Calamity/Breath of the Wild)


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Turns out I forgot about the "no part suggestion" guideline, so my project was deleted. I hope that the few hundred people who supported it before notice this. I am a little upset I have to write this again, because I can't remember everything I said before...

The build is Hyrule castle from the games The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

I built this because this is my favorite version of the castle, with its sheer drops, twisting cliffs, and waterfalls. Those details are what would make it a great first Legend of Zelda themed set.

The ground is mostly hollow, so there is not nearly as many pieces as it appears. Because of the brick limit, the brown island at the bottom wasn't able to have the same brown and green proportions as the rest of the build. I also wasn't able to include any trees, paths, or minifigures to keep to 3k pieces but hopefully LEGO would consider adding such things for an official set. It would also be nice if they would include more than the 3000 limit (to have a similar brick count to the large Hogwarts) to have more of the cliffs and structures.

3000 pieces, roughly 16" x 18" (45.5cm x 40cm) and 11" (28cm) tall
Critiques and suggestions are welcome.

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