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Puzzle Box Safe


Protect your goodies with the new Lego Puzzle Box Safe 

Featuring 9 different security mechanisms to protect your possessions:

  • Slide-Locking Forward Bulkhead
  • Concealed Front 'Blocks'
  • Removable Key Hole Panels
  • Hinged Walls
  • Hidden Retractable Slider
  • Hidden Gear Panel
  • Vertically Adjustable Internal Walls
  • Slider with Hidden Pull Handle


The Puzzle Box Safe is a new type of Lego axle-safe. Relying mainly on hidden mechanisms, sliding elements and concealed keyholes, the safe is more of a puzzle box than a traditional lock-and-key safe.

The safe covers a total area of 32 x 32 studs and measures 12 Bricks + 2 Plates high. The internal deposit box measures 20 x 20 studs and 5 Bricks + 1 Plate high, with an internal area of 16 x 16 studs. This means the safe can store items such as passports, wallets and some electronic devices.

The total dimensions for the safe are listed below:


Height : 12.16 cm
Width  : 25.60 cm  
Breadth: 25.60 cm

Internal Deposit Box

Outer -

Height :  6.40 cm
Width  : 16.00 cm
Breadth: 16.00 cm

Inner -

Height :  6.40 cm
Width  : 12.80 cm
Breadth: 12.80 cm

The Puzzle Box Safe isn't merely a singularly functional model. The safe was designed with structural integrity in mind at every stage, demonstrated by the large wall thickness protecting the internal deposit box. The mechanisms found in the model are also similarly engineered, designed to be strong and hidden. Due to the techniques used in building the model, the Puzzle Box Safe can also be used an educational model and adapted to demonstrate principles such as internal mechanisms and systems, as well as levers and axle function. These allow simple engineering principles to be taught in a subconscious manner in which the builder has actually created a functional device by the end of the project.


Total piece count for the model currently stands at 1525 bricks !

However, this version of the safe was intentionally designed to be quite large to suit structural and space requirements. By optimizing the elements used and their construction, the total piece count could be reduced by possibly up to as much as 5%, whilst retaining the current dimensions. 

The basic mechanisms and design of the Puzzle Box Safe could also be scaled to models a quarter of the size of the original design, thus saving on bricks and cost.


The Puzzle Box Safe originated as a simple side model and is my first Lego Ideas project. Any feedback on the model is greatly appreciated and you can contact me through the Lego Ideas website or through my LinkedIn page on my profile !





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