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Mischievous Elves


" - Look professor Branch! This pile of dirt absolutely confirms my theory that this forest is the home for green elves! And that scientists from university were laughing at me!

- I will call Mr Cheese to get some pictures! This is so fascinating!

- Indeed it is! But wait! where is my hat!

- And my backpack! "


My new project is a small build, that represents a chunk of forest where a group of green elves decided to create their base. While the oldest elf is trying to finish his studies about diamonds, a group of younglings decided to tease with two old scientist, who were looking for fantastic creatures in the forest.

" - Their dangerous actions and implish nature will one day cause troubles for all of us! - Tooran, the oldest elf.

The build consists of three floors. It also have many play features, like a slide, two secret exits and additional accessories for minifigurs. The minifigures in this set are:

  • Tooran, the oldest elf
  • Five young elves with their accesories
  • Cool, forest lizard
  • Two scientists
  • Mr Cheese - the walking camera
  • Hedgehog, blackbird and spider

I hope you enjoy this model, and if you did, leave support and follow! Thank you!

Have fun building!

Build contains 779 bricks, and was made with LDD.

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