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G'day mates!! I am beyond excited to finally present to you the third attempt at making Bluey (the lovable show by Ludo Studio) an official LEGO set! It is about time this massively popular tv series made its mark in LEGO history. So, go ahead and hit the support button and share this project anywhere you can to make this set a reality! We're all counting on you!

Why Did I build It?

Because Bluey is an absolute piece of animation art that I have enjoyed watching for several years now. Bluey and LEGO just make the perfect match because they are both all about the joy of play and imagination. Even if they are a kids show and a toy, both have a fan base of all ages. I wanted to share my love of both LEGO and Bluey by creating this proposal for my and many other Bluey fans' dream set.

The Set:

This set includes the iconic Heelers' house which is filled to the brim with easter eggs, playability, and storytelling potential. Kids ages 10+ to adults can enjoy recreating their favorite episodes or building their own adventures with the eight included characters: Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, Muffin, Socks, Lucky, and Rusty! Even Peddly the car makes an entrance! Hooray! This set would make the perfect gift for any Bluey fan, or even fans of the Australian style house. Aside from being a bit large, it is fairly easy to build. There are also six long dogs hidden around the house! How many can you find?

The House:

I've rebuilt almost the entire house from the ground up, making sure that it can be easily built by kids ages 8-10+, as I am hoping that will be the age range. I can confirm that the house is now almost completely structurally sound (I know that because I built it for real life this time) and almost half the size of the original, making it way easier for smaller builders and not to mention easier on your dollar bucks! The house can also be split apart, and the two floors can be separated for easy access.

Entering the front yard, you are already greeted by familiar faces and iconic features of the Heelers' house. Improvements to its design consist of the front window being replaced by a real see-through one and the new porch railing. I aimed for 100% accuracy in the front and tried to include every detail possible. Easter eggs here include the gnomes Geramy and Tony, the mailbox, and a hidden longdog.

The backyard also holds plenty of room for roleplay and includes both the balcony holding the grill and back porch. Fun items included here are the mushroom table seen in various episodes, the pizza box from "Pizza Girls," a hidden longdog, red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, and the mud puddle or salad dressing, and I guess pizza dough as well.

Stepping through the front door will lead you to the entry room which holds various furniture items such as the orange couch, red chair, and a cupboard holding one of Bandit's archaeological finds. The couch cushions can even be taken off to make a small fort! Fun easter eggs in this room include Chattermax, the sticky gecko above the doorway, building blocks from "Duck Cake," Bandit's exercise ball, the portrait of grandad, and a hidden longdog.

Bluey and Bingo's bedroom is by far one of the most detailed rooms and was my favorite to recreate. The beds now have the little b and big B labels like in the show and are also smaller to provide more room. Fun details in this room include the cloud pillows, the round window, the small bookshelf holding Lampy and the photo of Bluey and Bingo, Greeny the balloon, the "Sleepy Time" book, the watermelon rug, the feather wand, the magic xylophone, a hidden longdog, and finally Unicorse!!

The playroom is also a delightful little corner of the house and includes the rainbow tent, the kiwi rug, folding doors, and the sandwich shop. This room is home to items such as the chicken rat egg and wand, the crown and magnifying glass from "Queens," a hidden longdog, Rita's cane, and the bench holding the green book used for various activities.

Finally, we have the kitchen where many adventures take place. This room includes a green cupboard, barstools, and a small kitchen corner with an oven, stove, and fridge which holds the tomato sauce, avocado, and orange juice inside. Easter eggs included here are the duck cake, pavlova, the magic asparagus, the keepy uppy balloon, a hidden longdog, and a frying pan and egg to make an omelette.

Why were the last two projects not approved?

There really is no definite answer to this question, because they never give you details as to why projects don't get approved. It is absolutely not because of stability issues. I know that for a fact. I also do not think it is because of licensing, since Bluey projects are still allowed to be submitted. Bluey definitely fits the brand because of its playful and creative nature. The main issue I see is perhaps that the people at LEGO feel that a set of this size doesn't fit Bluey's so called preschool demographic. I know this is probably true, but I still have to try for the tons of older Bluey fans of ages 10+. If we want a detailed set like this, 10+ seems like the lowest I can make it. I know so many older kids to adults who absolutely love the show and I feel that a Duplo or 4+ set is seriously less inclusive to the Bluey fan base. I want LEGO IDEAS to step off of the 18+ train for a second and try something new. If this project doesn't get approved, it will be plainly obvious that this type of set is not fitting for the brand, and I will upload a 4+ version of the set which I've already designed for this purpose. Mark my words! I will not stop uploading these projects until there is a Bluey set on the shelves!! Never give up!
...Or they might already be making Bluey sets which would be the best, worst case scenario.

Other details:

This build was created using 2395 LEGO elements. 558 less than the original!

The brick-built characters are the closest I can get to real LEGO Bluey figures without making custom pieces. These are only placeholders for real minifigures.

Keep an eye on the update section where I will post some awesome behind the scenes footage and other surprises!

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Thanks for reading! Phew... that was trifficult...

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