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Small Dinosaur Capture Unit


This project is based on LEGO Dino, but it's not a suggestion to bring back this series. If you like it please, click support button. It's easy and free! Will you catch the dinosaurs?

This set would include:

  • Cargo helicopter with few features - opening flap in the back of helicopter, rotating proppelers and take-off roof. Inside you can find three sections - cockpit with chair for pilot and stere, section for Scientist with computer and table, and third section for cargo ( dinosaur food)
  • Cage for Dilophosaurus. To put the dinosaur in you have to take off the black piece on top and move the side frame. Then put Dilophosaurus inside and you can transport it anywhere you want.
  • Small car with two guns and missile. You can use it to catch the Coelophysis!
  • Two small dinosaurs - Dilophosaurus and Coelophysis
  • Three minifigures ( seen on last photo) - from left to right: Pilot, Scientist and Driver.

I think that this project would be a good addition to the series. If 10.000 people will support it it may become a real LEGO set.

Thank you very much for reading. Have a nice day!




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