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Joker's Giant Robot Rampage


About This Project:

This project is the Joker's answer to Batman's Batmechamobile. Once Joker had seen that his bff had made himself a giant robot car. Joker had to have a bigger and better robot than Bats. He couldn't figure out the transforming like Batman's Batmechamobile but he just made one of each, sort of. First he created his Giant Clownbot for himself to pilot. Then he needed something with wheels so he made his little side kick of sorts Big Wheel which can carry one pilot as well. The Clownbot's one hand is just that a hand for gripping Robin or whoever else is foolish enough to get close. His other hand is actually a giant cannon with supply container which fires Joker gas to make everyone smile just like him. Also on the same hand is a Joker Gas rocket and a secondary gun that fires poisonous cream pies. The Clownbot's upper face is from the Jokerland set and i left the adjustable eyes, eyebrows, and hat because they are too fun. The bottom half of his face is from the Joker steamroller with modification i think they came together nicely. Big Wheel has a Joker gas cannon as well and his other hand holds two TNT and a giant hammer for whack a mole or a Batman. Big Wheel is much faster and agile than Clownbot. so they compliment each other well.

Play Features:

  • Both robots have many points of articulation.(shoulders,elbows,wrists,neck,...)
  • Both robots carry one pilot each inside their chests.
  • Clownbot's eyes, eyebrows, hat, bow tie, collar are adjustable.
  • Clownbot can hold a minifigure in his hand easily.
  • Big Wheel's hand can hold minifigure accessories.


  • Three mini figures. Joker, Robin, and Joker thug.
  • Two bundles of TNT.
  • One giant hammer.
  • One cream pie.
  • One pair of handcuffs with padlock.

This project was one of the funnest to build. With the bright colors and I love how they turned out. If you like Joker's Robot Rampage please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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