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Technic Rat Rod Dually Pickup


Technic Rat Rod Dually Pickup

If you love Rat Rods you'll love this truck!

With the chopped top, suicide doors and sun visor this truck just looks mean. Inside you find a bench seat, tall shifter (forward and reverse) and functional steering. 

To get the low stance the frame has been Z'd to allow for the biggest tires I could find while still have the rat sit as close to the ground as possible. Did I mention the dual shocks all the way around

Powered by a V10 motor with open headers and individual carb per cylinder setup. Put the rat in gear and watch the pistons move as it rolls down the road.

You can't miss the dual set of rear wheels that just fill the back end up. Big red barrel gas tank and of course dual nitrous bottles for a little extra boost.

The amazing blue color and the bright yellow wheels. Will draw the eye right to this rat.

At 22 in long, 12 in wide and 8 in tall this rat really stands out. 





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