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The Mosquito - powered armor superheroine

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By day, Dr. Dorothy Sangmire is a world-class physician researching infectious disease and genetic mutations in the hopes of better understanding superpowers derived from those sources. By night, she becomes the Mosquito, working as part of a team that takes on superpowered villains. She wears a powered armor suit of her own design, equipped with insect-like flying wings, clinging pads on hands and feet, enhanced night sight, and gauntlet-mounted tranquilizer guns. Her Hippocratic Oath extends to her vigilante activities as well: she uses only nonlethal attacks, and will not take a life.

The Mosquito is a superhero of my own creation, originally created for a superhero role-playing game campaign. This model is built almost entirely with Bionicle parts. If and when I acquire enough Hero Factory parts, I will built a new model with those, so that it will be compatible with that line as well as the larger character models in the new Superheroes line.

Detail of the upper body.

Front view of the torso, arms, and gauntlet guns.

Detail of the wing assembly.

The same character, in minifigure scale, with her secret identity on the right. (Think Felicia Day in a labcoat, and you'll have Dr. Sangmire.)

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