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Kenan and Kel


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"Who loves orange soda?!"

Welcome to my Lego Ideas set of the Kenan And Kel Show!! The build is based off the hit show from the 90s starring Kenan Thompson as Kenan Rockmore and Kel Mitchell as Kel Kimble. The build showcases the main 3 sets from the unforgettable stage where they always started the show, the grocery store Rigby's where Kenan worked at and Kenan's home which consists of the living room and kitchen.

I have also created a minifigure of Kenan's boss who was the owner of Rigby's Chris Potter who was played by Dan Frischman.

Reason I wanted to build a set designed of this show is because it was my all time favourite programme growing up, it had so many iconic moments from Kels "Ahhhh here it goes!", "Kel loves orange soda!", Kenan who always got them into mischief and many many more which I will incorporate into the build later on through the milestone stages!.

I believe this would make an exceptional Lego set because Lego have produced many of our favourite hit Tv shows in the past from Friends, Big Bang, The Office and many more. I believe this set would be great to display along side all of those fan favourites. The set will have many play features, fun display references from various episodes. Along the way I will be looking to add more minifigures of Kenan's family who will be his mother, father and sister.

The build as of now consists of 1797 parts.

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