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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Passenger Train


The Western Maryland Scenic is a tourist railroad located in the northeastern part of the United States. The railroad runs 16 miles (26 kilometers)  between Cumberland, Maryland and Frostburg, Maryland. 

This train contains about 2000 parts, two locomotives, and four passenger cars. The two locomotives are both made by the same manufacturer and have a cab that is big enough for a driver. The first locomotive is an FPA-4 numbered 305. The second locomotive is an RS-3 numbered 199. This locomotive is unique because it has a long hood. There are four passenger cars each holding 10 people comfortably. Or a total of 40 people. 

What is great about this set is that you can mix around the rolling stock any way you want! You could have both locomotives face the same direction, you could split the cars so that each into two different trains, you could put a locomotive on each end of the train, you could take off a few cars, there are so many possible combinations! This train can also work really well for play, display, or for use in your lego city!

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