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Project Elements: Origin: 01 Democritus' Laboratory


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About the idea and the building process:

The look of this lab is based on my high school's lab.  After taking college Chemistry course, I realize not only food and drink, but also seats are not allowed in the lab.  Also, I looked up some images and used my imagination to create this idea.  The building process was fun. I used many 90-degree-angle pieces to create the wall and the shelf which end up good!  However, messy table in chemistry lab is not good.

Piece count: 273

Price: $19.99 USD


About the story:

After starting Project Elements, I was thinking about the cause of everything.  It was all coming from nine scientists and philosophers from Augen, a land of gold and silver.  They loved to travel and explore.  One day, one of the scientists travels to ruthless land and brought back a crystal to Augen.  The young Democritus was interested about it, so he cut down a piece of crystal and took it to his laboratory.


Personal thought:

First, I was not going to submit it, because... Oh~ I hate to say this.  People tend to support the projects which can expand their Lego City model. And they only remember this is a laboratory, but not realize this is a part of Project Elements...  My reasons are silly...

The Wall-E looking thing is my new microscope. [Larger Image 1] [Larger Image 2]  Also, the tube-thingy on the other table...  is testing crystal's energy level based on its color on the spectrum.  [Larger Image 3]  (so it is called spectrometer, but it is not the real one.  The real spectrometer is less cooler than this.)  Everything in this idea is less futuristic and mostly based on real life.

Currently I am at Sea-Tac Airport and I am going back to my home country...  Nervous...



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