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Mission: Impossible - Langley Heist

Introduction and Contents

May I present, the iconic CIA headquarters heist scene from the first Mission: Impossible movie, in LEGO set form. The set is mainly a display set, but has a major play feature that make this set fun for all ages. If it wasn't clear, you're able to reel Ethan Hunt up or down from the ceiling vent, avoiding being seen by the employee below. There are many incredible display details including:

  • Black display base with printed logo tile
  • Detailed computer setup
  • Tiled floor
  • Precise and accurate wall angling
  • Glow in the dark light systems
  • Vent system at the top including the rat that spooks Krieger

I also decided to include micro builds of the most iconic stunts from all 7 Mission: Impossible movies that wrap around the back of the set. These include:

  • Train tunnel scene - M:I
  • Bike chase - M:I 2
  • Swinging between buildings - M:I 3
  • Climbing the Burj Khalifa - M:I Ghost Protocol
  • Holding on to a plane lifting off - M:I Rogue Nation
  • Helicopter chase - M:I Fallout
  • Biking off a cliff - M:I Dead Reckoning Part 1

The minifigures included are:

  • Ethan Hunt
  • Franz Krieger
  • CIA Employee

Why did I create this?

I've always wanted to see Mission: Impossible in LEGO. In the 1996 movie, the Langley Heist scene became one of the most iconic movie scenes ever, and defined the franchise. I had been very surprised that no one had submitted this on IDEAS yet, it seemed like such a great opportunity for a LEGO set. The IP was allowed by the site, and I figured I could take advantage of the inevitable surge in popularity along with the release of the seventh movie, Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part. It seemed too good to be true! When I started building it, I immediately understood why no one had been submitting sets based on this scene. Creating the hexagonal floor with the spider-web pattern was a massive undertaking. It took many, many different iterations, but after a few weeks of work I figured it out. After realizing my mission was, in fact, possible, it only took another day or so to finish it up.

What makes this such an interesting set?

First of all, this is a beloved IP that I think many people are interested in seeing a LEGO interpretation of. Mission: Impossible has been a staple of the action/espionage genre since the release of the first movie in 1996. Now that the new movie is coming out soon, a Mission: Impossible LEGO set is just what everybody needs. The set itself is also something very unique and fresh. It's incredibly detailed, and the play feature is fun for any fan. There are many other opportunities in this set for additional detail with the use of stickers or prints. The one thing I thought would resonate with fans the most are the micro displays on the back. Any fan of the franchise will recognize all of these iconic scenes immediately. Micro scenes have worked very well recently in sets. In this set, the micro scenes are a way to honor all 7 of the movies, without representing them in full LEGO sets. I hope people like my idea and support it, so that a Mission: Impossible LEGO set can be made possible!

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