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MINI Store


Mini store, with a mini convertible, a mini country man, and an old fashioned mini cooper, for minifigs.

I found my inspiration in three different stores in France.

First, in Vienne, I found the car on the wall. It was so huge that I was obliged to put it in my project.

Then, I found the red frames in Vénissieux. So smart and sharp,  red on black. Impossible to me to forget it, with this spectacular perspective view.

And finally, for the inside, I picked some inspirations in Bourgoin-Jallieu.

The orange corner, to choose your car color, an expresso machine in a cosy place. And  a cool vegetal and poetic touch.

In this set you will find a mini seller, a mini couple, three different cars, a security system to avoid some car robbers, and a openable store to play easily with all the cool things inside.



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