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LEGO Gundam F91 ( Mobile Suit Gundam F91 )


Hello everyone, this is my new LEGO Gundam MOC. This time i want to try to build a Mobile Suit from Universal Century timeline which has similar design with RX78-2 Gundam in the Scale 1/60. This Gundam is from the movie "Mobile suit Gundam F91", piloted by Arno Seabook ( appear again in Crossbone Gundam ). The "F" in the name stand for "Formula". This is light class Gundam, and of course shorter than other normal Mobile Suit. But this Suit equipped with the very powerful weapon: Variable Speed Beam Rifles (VSBR) on the back.

To see full Articulation and Gimmick of this MOC, you can visit my Youtube channel (demon1408):

_Mega Machine Cannon
_Beam Sabers
_Beam Shield
_Variable Speed Beam Rifles (VSBR)

_Master Grade 2.0 (MG)
_Movie art

_About 30cm (Perfect Grade)



Devian Art: