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LEGO Rubik's Cube (Working)

This is my V3 of a LEGO Rubik's cube, and yes, it works.
What originally inspired me was this prototype on brickshelf from years ago ( and that started my journey towards making a more functional one.
Once I started a Youtube channel ( I was dedicated to making this work and have so far come up with 3 revisions to the original inspiration, with the smoothness and the functionality increasing until now I am happy with the result and think it has high potential to become a LEGO set. This MOC can teach about the inner mechanics of a real rubik's cube and I really hope you guys like it.
If you want to be able to buy an official working LEGO rubik's cube, please support this idea, I really appreciate it <3
special thanks: sebastian sand, marcel bonnici, Arkian

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