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This is my proposal for a set base on League of Legends the massively famous online battle arena game ,(MOBA) which is played by around 27 million players daily.

I think this would be a perfect combination not only as a one time set but even as a whole theme if the Lego company agrees to go through with it as new content on League of Legends is released frequently allowing there to always be availability to make new sets. One of the ideas I had if there would ever be a full theme would be sets which often come with base plates simulating the lanes and jungle routes in the maps of the game which can be connected, imagine that. The possibilities are endless.

I have used 100% existing Lego pieces (in terms of shape) which proves that most if not all the characters can be done to a nice degree of success even without producing new parts.

The most trickiest character to make here in terms of design was Jarvan the fourth. Because of his armor design. But I came up with the idea of using the Witch King's Helmet (part: 6087593) for his crown and the armor piece (15490) which worked perfectly with it's spike colored in black.

Keep in mind that not every single thing seen here necessarily needs to be in the set if it gets approved. But here is the list of what it contains for this proposal:


Teemo-The Swift Scout

Jarvan IV- the Exemplar of Demacia

Ahri-the Nine-Tailed Fox

Melee Minion (blue side)

Melee Minion (red/purple side)

Brick Constructions

Nautilus-the Titan of the Depths

Tower-(Blue Side)

Jarvan's Cataclysm

The images of the characters of the game are there next to my Lego creations of them for reference only for a easy comparison.

In terms of licensing I believe Riot games the makers of League of Legends will be very open about the idea of a Lego set based on their game. They have even got together to decide what weapon from League Man at Arms( on YouTube) would create and since they have just opened up their Merch Store some time ago I think they would be more than happy to have more products based on the game.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project! All help is welcomed. Hope you like it.

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