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Riddler's Rider



Hello everyone, since the Lego Batman Movie sets were release, I was totally inspired by the new Penguin car. Although the Riddler also has it own racer, but I am thinking of building him another rider with the 30s to 40s look will be sensation. 

So, here I go a new Riddler's Rider. With the front design looks more like the car in the 30s, which totally match Riddler's hat and jacket. The back of the rider gives you the look of how powerful the rocket launcher can be when Riddler needs some little power boost to escape from the chase of Batman or vice versa. ( Riddler steal this idea from The Bat-mobile)

Back to the front part, when we open the cover, there is a secret weapon " The Brave Wave Shooter". The shooter has an area 50m stunning effect to any life form for 1 mins. It also steal information like bank account no or passwords from those life form. 

I hope you all enjoy the concept and features of this villain's rider.

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