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Compound Light Microscope

Every science enthusiast begins their dream from the simple microscope, therefore I tried my best to bring that dream closer to everyone. My version of the Compound Light Microscope used in many laboratories features almost all the essential features;
  • Dual Eyepieces
  • Objective Lenses
  • Fine and Coarse adjustment knobs
  • Slide
  • Stage Clips
  • Light Source

It also features some advanced feature such as;
  • Power Button
  • Light Adjustment Wheel
  • Aperture (Bottom of the stage)

Although it does not have major functionalities with Technic elements, it wasn't my goal to make it as advanced as possible. It was made as simple as possible so that a LEGO fan of any age may enjoy building it without a hassle, while maintaining the integrity of an authentic microscope.

Contains 250 pieces
Colors : Black, White, Light Bluish Gray, Trans-Clear, Flat Silver (+Blue and Red in interior supports)

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